I stumbled upon the photo below this evening and it made me think.

What has happened to the simplest ways of interacting with another? 

It’s all about the next like, the next follow, the next “hit” status or post that will raise your social media engagement.  I am luckily to have seen sincere civility among small niche groups on social media sites, and will admit I am privy to the pull of meeting that next goal, or follower marker, but are we still applying our selves in our best light day to day?

Do we hold the door open for the woman holding three bags and trying to drag her children out of the store? Do we stop to help the man that has dropped his bag, briefcase, or toolbox? While they may seem small they can make a larger impact.

The biggest concern I’ve seen in our social media life is the inability for

  1.  People to admit they may be wrong, even if it is opinion, some are yes incorrect. Belief is great, passion is great, being informed and passionate is greater.
  2. Apologizing when you have realized you were wrong. It takes a simple “what you stated before was right, I apologize, I was misinformed”, to change the flow of a negative conversation.

Unfortunately, it seems our pride is too big for us to admit our mistakes, for us to grow from them, when the whole wide web can see them. We won’t back down, and for what?

I can guess, many others have asked themselves this too in the past. Maybe we can ask ourselves, when we are in the situation, where our opinion may just truly be our opinion or we may be wrong, not to take it to heart, but look at it from the point of view as a way to grow. Take a step back from the consuming pressure of social presence, and take the time to learn. Find ways to support your beliefs or change or grow those beliefs for the better. Do not be so hard headed as to not evolve yourself.

A phase I use often is: Always a Student, Forever Learning

There is always something to learn, explore, change, become skilled at, or help someone with. As I feel I can learn from my own writings, let us take a challenge before a new year, to be the best we can be in all aspects.

Photo reposted from: @Lost_Nowhere on Instagram

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