If you are a follower of our Facebook or Instagram you already know we are doing some major redesigning and rebranding of our business. In doing this, this means we will be making an larger effort to incorporate all aspects of our social media and online presence when doing things. This also will include broadening the topics we touch on as a business. We have decided not only we will still sell specific products and services, but we will also be taking a more educational, and progressive stance in our business. So this is just a little brief on our new approach.

Our Products and Services

We will still be providing tarot card readings along with continuing to sell our e-book and looking into publishing a physical copy with updated items, this will be one of our main focuses.

We will still be selling our customized Intention “smudge”  bundles during our growing season. All items are grown locally, so product availability is very much determined by season and weather. This will also still be the main focus but will shift these items to a more local audience as we have decided to hand deliver items to the following areas, Norfolk, Virginia, Chesapeake, Virginia, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, those on the border of these areas are asked to meet us in a closer location, but will not have to pay the service fee unless they plan on the item being shipped.

To bring back more of the Apothecary aspect to our business we will also be working on a new book which will involve our knowledge and local experts knowledge on herbs in a certain form and for certain uses. More details will be revealed soon.

Educational and Informational Daily Posts

Our Instagram has stated we will be covering a specific topic each day of the week, which we will cross-post to our Facebook and to here as well. The schedule is as follows: Mental Health Monday, Tarot Tuesday, Witching Wednesday, Teaching Thursday, Fitness Friday, Savings Saturday, and Soulful Sunday. The goal is to focus a more mind, body, soul approach to our business. Each topic has room for multiple sets of items to be presented and will be looking forward to possible collaborations with other pages on informational and educational posts, and sales on like items.

Overall we have decided to bring forth our original mission of the business “Helping you to Help Yourself”. This means more than just selling a product, it includes actively assisting in the growth of a person as a whole. Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to being able to serve you better.

Always in Love,

Mother Earth Hearth & Apothecary

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