🗝 Hello lovelies and welcome to #tarottuesday. This was a general spread done with the thoughts for today. On my other social media, I posted these cards throughout the day to help with on-going guidance for our second day of the workweek. Below is the spread I pulled early this morning and the explanations below!


Card #1 The Queen of Pentacles Reversed: The Queen of Pentacles is a representation of a motherly figure who shows support, and self-made independence and wisdom. When reversed it can go against is nurturing nature and show selfishness, lack of care for oneself and those around them and misplaced priorities. It’s not all bad as it may indicate it’s time to do some serious grounding work and reevaluate your need for material gain.

Card #2 The Three of Cups: The three of cups represents happiness, reunion and spending time with loved ones. It can also mean reconnecting communications and opening up to your circle of friends when you have been recently closed off. In relation to card number one, it’s again showing us that support and re-grounding are important. Don’t be afraid to open yourself back up to those you love.

Card #3 The Fool Reversed: The Fool usually depicts connotations of awe, inspiration, and risk-taking. Reversed it indicates that we may have put ourselves into dangerous situations by taking certain risks, not that the risks were inherently wrong but, the way we went about them was probably not the best path. It also deals with the connections as we talked about in both of the previous cards and making sure you really know who your circle of friends are and that you’re not being taken advantage of. If this may seem to be the case step back and focus on that re-grounding. Also as the saying goes if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

Overall this reading has told us to be aware of our actions and surroundings, reach out for support, and re-ground yourself with the nurturing nature as depicted by our first card the Queen of Pentacles.

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Much Love – MEHA 🗝

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