So today for #teachingthursday we will be talking about a specific type of tarot card spread.  The spread I will be talking about is a five to six card spread known as a Pentacles spread or as it’s called for the deck that I use the Da Vinci deck, a Vitruvian Man spread. Each card represents different portions of the body such as the first card being the head, the second the right hand, the third the left hand, the fourth the right foot, and the fifth the left foot, you can add the optional six-card as the naval. The first card will represent yourself, fears, desires, and current questions. The second card represents actions or attitudes that could help you overcome your fears or answer questions. The third card suggests things that may hamper your success. The fourth card shows an outcome or event that will happen if you take action now. The fifth card shows the outcome or event if you do nothing or you retreat from your problems. Finally, the sixth card which is optional is mainly a conclusion card. Imagine it as if you were receiving a message from a trusted friend or guide. This spread is helpful when you’re at a crossroads in your life or are looking for answers and direction after a big event. I usually use this spread for people who have general questions about their life and I use it personally maybe 3 to 4 times a year or if it calls to me. As always if you have any questions, comment, email, or drop us a message on our Facebook or Instagram @motherearthhearth. Note: each deck and each person will teach/do spreads differently this is just one of many options.


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