So what is an apothecary?

Early 16th century men and women or early American medical providers probably come to mind when you hear this term.

An apothecary by definition is simply:
1. A person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs
2. A pharmacy or drugstore

Therefore making it the person and place you would go for ailments.

Many people today have used the term apothecary to cater to the more holistic side of medicine since the cures for ailments are being made by the prescriber in a more natural way; ex. tonics and tinctures. Many practitioners of folk or nature-based beliefs and religions coin this term as well.

People have even gone to take the term pharmacy and change it to Farmacy when using organic herbs and food in products made. The term was transferred from many languages ultimately becoming Middle English and used through many centuries to describe many types of “drug” stores.

As for us, we cater to the more holistic side if you haven’t caught on already (and we know you have).

At this time we are mostly focused on our metaphysical services and will be adding more to apothecary side in the future as time allows.

We are always striving to meet our end goal and our motto:

“Helping you to help yourself.”

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