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Fitness Friday – Motivation & After Gym Thoughts

As I’m getting ready to go to the gym, I thought for our first #fitnessfriday post I would talk about motivation. What do we really mean by motivation, because I feel it’s different for everyone. We know scientifically motivation results from the interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors. I know for myself if I feel rushed I almost feel less motivated and maybe that’s … Read More Fitness Friday – Motivation & After Gym Thoughts

Teaching Thursday – Pentacle Tarot Spread

So today for #teachingthursday we will be talking about a specific type of tarot card spread.  The spread I will be talking about is a five to six card spread known as a Pentacles spread or as it’s called for the deck that I use the Da Vinci deck, a Vitruvian Man spread. Each card represents different portions of the body such as the first card … Read More Teaching Thursday – Pentacle Tarot Spread

Witching Wednesday – Black Moon

Happy #witchingwednesday! I’m excited this subject fell on today because we can talk about the Black Moon 🌚 This moon brings in change and fresh energy! I also found it interesting how our tarot card reading from yesterday aligns with the black moon’s properties of surrounding yourself with a positive circle and strong foundation. As you may have seen this black moon brings a … Read More Witching Wednesday – Black Moon

Tarot Tuesday – Da Vinci Deck 3 Card Pull

🗝 Hello lovelies and welcome to #tarottuesday. This was a general spread done with the thoughts for today. On my other social media, I posted these cards throughout the day to help with on-going guidance for our second day of the workweek. Below is the spread I pulled early this morning and the explanations below! Card #1 The Queen of Pentacles Reversed: The Queen of Pentacles … Read More Tarot Tuesday – Da Vinci Deck 3 Card Pull

We’re Rebranding and Redesigning

If you are a follower of our Facebook or Instagram you already know we are doing some major redesigning and rebranding of our business. In doing this, this means we will be making an larger effort to incorporate all aspects of our social media and online presence when doing things. This also will include broadening the topics we touch on as a business. We … Read More We’re Rebranding and Redesigning

Small Business Saturday (Thanksgiving Weekend) Tarot Card Readings!

Hello, all I wanted to let you know if you visit our Facebook page Black Friday through Cyber Monday and book a tarot card reading you are paying by Donation! At least one dollar is needed to book an appointment, and up to as much as your generous heart desires. To book an appointment you must go to our Facebook page and go … Read More Small Business Saturday (Thanksgiving Weekend) Tarot Card Readings!


Tarot Card Readings Explanation & Example

I like to be straightforward with what my customers will be receiving, so unless you book a local face to face appointment with me, below is an example of what you will receive. I want to firmly stress I DO NOT claim to be a psychic but only someone who has put in the time, education and am spiritually open enough to receive the … Read More Tarot Card Readings Explanation & Example

Tarot Card Readings by Donation for the month of October 🍂

UPDATE 10•23•18: “Amazing news all! The VA came through on their end! So with your help, their payments, my funds, and moving around some credits, I am set to graduate on time with (hopefully) no more set backs! I’m going to deactivate the go fund me but wanted to again thank everyone for your donations!!!” I will still be doing readings by Donation for … Read More Tarot Card Readings by Donation for the month of October 🍂