UPDATE 10•23•18: “Amazing news all! The VA came through on their end! So with your help, their payments, my funds, and moving around some credits, I am set to graduate on time with (hopefully) no more set backs! I’m going to deactivate the go fund me but wanted to again thank everyone for your donations!!!

I will still be doing readings by Donation for the remaining days in October.

Past story 10•07•18: …Due to some unforeseen hardships, I will be offering tarot card readings by donation for the month of October. You can access them by going to our Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/motherearthhearth and click on the services tab. You can also email us, or look us up on Instagram at our handle @motherearthhearth.

For the story on why please visit:


Anything helps and is received with the upmost gratitude.

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